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Working the Future

Bespoke consultancy


The commercial landscape is changing faster than most of us can keep up with. Technological advances create myriad business advantages, yet in parallel alter the entire operating dynamic of markets and marketplaces. Keeping ahead of this molten landscape has become critical in terms of achieving sustainable growth, innovation and competitive advantage.

Working the Future

While the future of work is increasingly technological, our interest is at the human interface. We study and make sense of the key socio-cultural – and consumer – change emerging in the world of work that will alter how organisations structure themselves in the future. We act as critical thinking partners, horizon-scanning for the next-wave change likely to impact our clients’ strategic interests, providing insights about the future, and identifying the strategic implications, potential opportunities and core challenges arising from emerging and future human contexts.


These disruptive ‘thought-starters’ help business leaders to better anticipate the technological, socio-cultural and consumer change likely to impact their organisations – and ultimately to plan for the future more effectively.


The continuous fluidity of the business world and the age of mass customisation mean that a formulaic, ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to consulting doesn’t cut it. Instead we leverage a combination of objective management consultancy, systems thinking and deep socio-cultural insight, to co-create bespoke actionable solutions to help our clients to optimise their strategic road-mapping objectives moving forward.


Every business landscape is completely unique, each with its own challenges and opportunities. As such, each client intervention is bespoke. Typically we help with the following:


::  Strategic imperative discovery sessions

::  Expert analysis of from key future of work trendsimplications / opportunities

::  Design of people-centric commercial strategies 

::  21st Century workforce planning

::  21st Century leadership capability

::  Organisational culture and workplace engagement

::  Future-proof learning and development strategies

::  Organisational transformation

::  Organisational future-proofing

::  Workforce upskilling / reskilling

::  Alignment of people and technology strategy


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