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Working the Future

Bespoke consultancy


The commercial landscape is changing faster than most of us can keep up with. Technological advances create myriad business advantages, yet in parallel alter the entire operating dynamic of markets and marketplaces. Keeping ahead of this molten landscape has become critical in terms of achieving sustainable growth, innovation and competitive advantage.

Working the Future

We study and make sense of the key socio-cultural – and consumer – change emerging in the world of work that will alter how organisations structure themselves in the future. We act as critical thinking partners, horizon-scanning for the next-wave change likely to impact our clients’ strategic interests, providing insights about the future, and identifying the strategic implications, potential opportunities and core challenges arising from emerging and future human contexts.


This scenario-planning approach forms an integral part of the bespoke strategic input that we provide to our clients. Our constructively-disruptive ‘thought-starters’ help business leaders to better anticipate the technological, socio-cultural and consumer change likely to impact their organisations – and ultimately to plan for the future more effectively.


While future workplaces will be increasingly technological, game-changing commercial opportunity exists at the human interface.  A primary area of focus for us is how we build and maintain the right work environments for optimal team performance.  


Traditional HR practices are in many respects outdated; conventional ways of doing things aren’t working for the modern workforce.   Commercial challenges around recruitment and continuous staff turnover are a prime indicator of this - one of the most commonly cited reason for people leaving jobs is a lack of development opportunity.



So what's different about Working the Future's suite of consultancy services?


Well, for a start, our approach is entirely human-centric. We design and implement simple, yet effective, solutions to increase worker engagement, build loyalty and yield improved workforce productivity.


We offer the following core areas of consultancy:


:: Strategic Narrative Creation

Clearly defined organisational values, vision and purpose allow employees and potential employees to connect with and commit to the business mission at an intrinsic level. Transparency around purpose garners trust and loyalty, driving engagement and productivity. See examples of our strategic narrative work here.


:: Recruitment reboot

If you’re struggling to hire the people you need to grow your business, we will review your recruitment methods, and make the necessary adjustments to ensure your process meets the needs of the 21st Century workforce.


:: Wellbeing programme design

Optimal workplace wellbeing is so much more than physical and emotional health. It’s also an integral requirement for the modern workforce. Our approach is award-winning – see more here


:: Continuous Personal Development

Market forces are evolving too rapidly for businesses to continue to maintain traditional approaches to workplace learning.  Resilient organisations of the future will, as an imperative, need to ‘bake in’ learning into their daily operational practices.  We help embed continuous learning across all levels of the organisation, with focus on improved bottom-line outcomes.


:: Onboarding

Drawing on the latest findings in social psychology, our approach focuses on human motivators that drive optimal productivity outcomes.


:: Offboarding

Our offboarding approach optimises organisational agility, through the creation of fluid and adaptive workforces.

:: Organisational re-design

By applying some of the latest research findings in psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics, we help your organisation build and maintain optimally performing teams for enhanced commercial results.


:: Workforce blending

Neurodiversity and plurality of perspective are essential for organisational resilience.  We help build diverse teams, blending permanent and impermanent collaborators for optimal performance results.  


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