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The Future of Work | Working the Future
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Working the Future hybrid working

COVID-19 forced the biggest change in how we work in generations. As governments across the world enforced nationwide lockdowns, all remote-capable organisations were forced to quickly pivot to remote working for maintained business continuity…

Multiple research analyses undertaken since 2020 show most employees want some variance of hybrid working. The 'Great Resignation' has demonstrated that workers are willing to vote with their feet and seek alternative employment if they can’t work flexibly, in the way they want. ​


To help employers navigate this perplexing new landscape, we’ve developed a suite of hybrid work resources. Read testimonials from clients who've already benefitted from them at the bottom of this page.


Select our PDF guides, a place at one of our interactive online workshops, or select our bespoke turnkey consultancy service.


Our work is grounded in fieldwork and the lived experience of those currently adapting to hybrid life. Integrating the latest research in business psychology, neuroscience, and sociology, we work with you to co-design hybrid approaches that are right for your business, your people and your clients. 


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hybrid-working-a-guide-to-optimising-distributed-workforces hybrid-working-a-guide-to-optimising-distributed-workforces hybrid-working-a-guide-to-optimising-distributed-workforces hybrid-working-a-guide-to-optimising-distributed-workforces

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​​With no blueprint available for hybrid working, employers urgently need deeper understanding of how to reach an optimal blend of remote and office-based working.


Reaching consensus that marries organisational need with personal motivation will ultimately yield far greater engagement, productivity and success outcomes.


Our go-to guide sets out the business case for hybrid working and some essential parameters for getting things right.


It unpicks the role of the office in the 2020s and offers suggestions for how to reach the optimal mix of remote working and office life.

​​Both the practical needs of your organisation and the aspirational needs of each individual within it will need to be identified as part of any endeavours to start mapping a coherent pathway to post-lockdown working logistics. 


A free-flowing conversation with each member of staff will uncover a raft of useful information to help you determine the best way forward.


Working the Future's guide to getting the most out of your hybrid working interviews is designed to maximise employee potential, for optimised organisational performance – and ultimately an enhanced future pathway for your organisation.

The Future of Work | Working the Future

Exclusive offer

Purchase our guide and a place at one of our hybrid working workshops, and we'll send you the 17 questions you should be asking to kick-start your hybrid working strategy, for free. 


Asking the right questions will help you to boost productivity and strengthen organisational resilience.

Bespoke turnkey consultancy


Optimising hybrid work for peak performance is no mean feat. With something so new, there is no clear-cut roadmap, after all.


That's why we design bespoke consultancy solutions that provide you with the insights and support to help you get started. In addition, as part of a deeper dive into your hybrid work strategy, we can provide a full turnkey, delivery service that allows you to maintain focus on day-to-day operations.


POA. Email Cathryn Barnard for a no-obligation chat.

The Future of Work | Working the Future
The Future of Work | Working the FutureThe Future of Work | Working the FutureThe Future of Work | Working the FutureThe Future of Work | Working the Future